FFS Tumblr, can it really be that the ONLY ad anyone has bought on you that targets me is fucking “BoJack Horseman”? Which looks SHITE by the way. FIVE TIMES on my dashboard overnight. SELL ADS TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

I’ve had it about that many times as well.



Kurt Busiek dropping the mic on the “wretched, insulting narrative that Kirby’s heirs up and sued Marvel because they smelled money.”

Definitely worth reading the whole thing cuz these screenshots are terrible.

This is so important. Read it. All of it.

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tomewing asked: You can sustain your grudge if you like - it was BOMT's second week that denied Blur!




BRITNEY SPEARS – “…Baby One More Time”




New Popular entry! It’s quite long…!

i think i bought the CD single of this in december ‘98. i remember hearing it on the radio and getting really excited and jumping around the basement (and then i had to go to my orthodontist appointment). the CD single came with a britney fact card and it misspelled her middle name as “jeau” which at the time i thought was really cool. i ended up putting a britney poster in my desk at school which years later screams baby queer!!! at me (all the other girls had *NSYNC or backstreet boys or usher and etc) but at the time i just really liked the song and thought she was pretty

and that’s your nostalgia moment with kelly

i bought the cassingle! i was so full of indie guilt i bought it at the same time as i got the cd single of blur’s “tender” and i imagined that if i was confronted i could pretend i was buying britney for my sister or (non-existent) girlfriend. ah, the fragile teenage boy ego. i soon realised which of those two songs was the timeless musical masterpiece.

London was PLASTERED with posters for “Tender”, they were very sure it would get to #1. Anyway I remember standing in HMV agonising over whether to spend £8 on the 12” vinyl import of “Baby One More Time” - quel snobbisme - and ultimately deciding against it, and then I bought the album anyway to get the other singles - plus I was extremely curious what “E-Mail My Heart” would be like.

I bore such a grudge for so many years that Baby One More Time kept Tender off #1.

While I do still think Tender’s the Blur song that most deserved to be a #1 that wasn’t, however, I can quite easily see now that it would have been a far greater travesty if BOMT hadn’t been.



The Virgin New Adventures are really the only example of Doctor Who working properly over an extended period while being written by fans.  Beyond that, every attempt - from the BBC books to Big Finish to the revived BBC series - has been largely a failure.

The Virgin stuff didn’t work, though, over any period of time. Lungbarrow’s mythos was nutso and impenetrable and the Doctor was barely in half the novels. Big Finish has a much more laudable track record than the Virgin books, I think.

I mean… Doctor Who post-2005 isn’t a “failure”, though, by any reasonable metric whatsoever.



the fact that there was another reference to river and there wasn’t even a name mention of ian or literally anything to do with the history/importance of coal hill????? ew?????

barbara got obliquely referenced at one point i guess??? but yeah ew. maybe they’re saving Ian for the finale?!?!

I’m not sure how exactly someone referencing the school’s Chairman of the Board of Governors could have been done without seeming shoehorned in?

I thought the Barbara reference, when added to the Ian reference back in DOTD, was neat without being overdone. I don’t think they have to reference Ian every time they go back to Coal Hill, do they? They didn’t in “Remembrance”, after all.