Is no one


going to 


point this out?!

I literally shouted at my T.V. when I noticed this.

I’m sure I did this last time this showed up on my dash, but since it’s here again, yes, it’s all Howard Burden’s fault.

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Russell T. Davies writes characters, Steven Moffat writes plots, and Douglas Adams writes much better than both of them so let’s all talk about him instead.

Douglas Adams? Plots? Aaaaaaaahahahahaha.

DNA is one of the greatest writing heroes of all time, but let’s not pretend the entire Hitchhiker’s saga is anything other than a series of fantastically-written sketches linked together by contrivance.

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mattfrack replied to your post “I’ll bite, age 14”

i have never heard anyone outside of my home town use the word greebo wowow,

hahaha, i think it varies wildly depending on region - pretty sure greebo/greeb is kind of midlands-y, but it’s what we said in east anglia (i’m from ipswich) and my boyfriend says it’s what they said in gloucestershire too (which is kind of midlands idk).

but i know that in some other places people said mosher or w/e.

i think we need a taxonomy. any UK friends, this is very important - if you feel comfortable saying, what region are you from, and which word did you use? greebo? mosher? another thing entirely?

we also used “townie” to refer to people who didn’t dress in slipknot hoodies and baggy jeans, which is weird to me now because i associate it v strongly with the sims.

I’m confused, ‘cos “greebo” is an older term relating to a specific indie subset in the early ’90s, is it not? Sounds like it then got misappropriated by parts of the country a bit later on as an all-purpose term for alternative/black-clothes-wearing people? Then again, that’s also what happened with “goths” and “emos”, so I suppose there’s a pattern.

When I were a lad in Liverpool (so between about 1998 and 2001), people were basically:

- Goths (what people called you if you did any or all of wearing black, having long hair or going to Quiggins/the Krazy House.)

- Moshers (what some people called you if you did the above, and what most people preferred to be called when described by others as “goths”)

- Scallies (tracksuit-wearing thugs and thugettes - Liverpool had scallies long before chavs were ever a thing)

- Townies (scallies in principle/personality but without the tracksuits - more your Ben Sherman-shirt wearing older lads)

Addendum: the simple act of wearing a long dark coat (even though I otherwise wasn’t very goth-ish (apart from wearing Sandman t-shirts) - and it was a dark blue woollen coat rather than a black leather one) was enough to get the words “Eeeeeee, d’you like that Marilyn Manson?” shouted at me on a regular basis.

Addendum to the addendum: The funniest thing that has ever happened to me was having the words “Get your hair cut, y’hippie, it is the ’90s you know!” across a car park. In the year 2000.

This is, of course, the correct reaction to Paul Rudd.

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I definitely feel better knowing that he is guarding our galaxy 

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