Quite aside from the ethical question of the millions of dollars that were made without even the slightest acknowledgement of the debt owed to people like Abruzzo, Kubert, Novick and Kirby, I think my biggest problem with the widespread reverence of Roy Lichtenstein is that I have never seen a single one of his works in which the art was an improvement - either technically or aesthetically - over the original.

Perhaps I’d feel differently seeing one close-up, as I’m sure they hold power of their own as a painting on a wall; but even then, I still find the wider context, and the general lack of acknowledgement of it by critics and the public, deeply uncomfortable.

(I know this is old ground, but I was put in mind of it again by seeing posters on the tube for this hugely popular new Lichtenstein retrospective the Tate Modern are running)

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    I like the originals.
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    Wow. Um… Wow. Roy Lichtenstein is OFFICIALLY on my Shit-List for LIFE.
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    Reblogging this for future reference, and because I forget to say hello to seb once in a while
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    I have the same problems with him- Look at the side by side comparisons, his work is shallower and poorly-formed. The...
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    Wow holy shit I didn’t know about this but I’m really disappointed? I like Roy Lichtenstein but now I feel like...
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    Yay for public misinterpretation of art, in this case.
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    Was not aware.
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    Lichtenstein is not a friend to the comics he appropriated. His aim was to “expose” comics as shallow, superficial and...
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    Same here. I’m not much of a fan of Pop Art in general however, because I can’t find any artistic appeal in it ~
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